Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm A Big Girl Now!!

Elisa has pooped several times on the potty over the last few months, but she has never "got" the peeing concept! So today we went to the Library and got several videos and books on Potty Training!! We spent all afternoon sitting on the potty watching the videos and reading the books. After about an hour of constantly reminding her to stay sitting down... she suddenly got a funny look on her face. I said, did you go?? She looked in the potty and said...No, not yet. I got up and looked and sure enough, she had peed!!!
Here is the proof for all to see!!
She finally got to open her surprise tub crayons that have been sitting on the back of the toilet for almost 2 months now waiting for to go potty! So here she is making beautiful art in the tub!

Good Job Elisa!!!!!